Fresh-picked Farm Produce

Our Farm is FREE-RANGE with a Magical Irish sway...

My parents emigrated to this country from Ireland. They instilled in me a respect for the land and an appreciation for ALL of God's creatures.                                                                                     We were frustrated trying to find fresh, properly grown food. We wanted to know WHAT we were eating; HOW it's grown,  WHERE it's grown, the nutrient value, the possible medicinal benefits.

                          We are trying to achieve an

           "Ecologically-Sustainable" Environment

   where everything and everyone inter-connects  harmonious

We want to SHARE our NATURALLY ORGANIC produce.

You will notice a difference in FLAVOR right away. MORE important your HEALTH will improve...

KNOW What YOU Eat!!!!


 Last Year, 2008 - We were SOLD OUT.  We can only supply a limited amount because of the environment we are trying to achieve and maintain - Please Join Early to avoid disappointment.


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